The Best Care for Your Heart


In many instances, the first step in treating cardiovascular disease is diagnosing the problem. Using advanced diagnostic equipment, our cardiologists perform complex procedures such as transesophageal echocardiograms and myocardial biopsies to help determine the best treatment option. They are skilled at performing cardiac catheterizations and coronary arteriography to help patients on the road to recovery.


The interventional cardiovascular specialists at the New Brunswick Cardiology Group are experienced at coronary interventions using stents, balloons, rotational drills, clot-removing devices, and lasers. They also specialize in arterial interventions ranging from head to toe. In addition to these standard angiography and angioplasty procedures, we offer catheter-based plaque excision (atherectomy) and cryoplasty procedures. Interventionalists of New Brunswick Cardiology Group are highly experienced at combining varied modalities in novel ways to treat long and complex blockages previously considered untreatable, offering a less invasive alternative to coronary or peripheral vascular surgery. We also have extensive experience in kidney and peripheral arterial stenting, as well as the newest treatment area - the carotid arteries, the latest technological breakthrough.

These innovative approaches greatly expand the patient population that can be diagnosed and treated, benefiting from our vast experience.